July 6, 2011

5 Minutes to Tame the Summer Clutter

I love summer!  I love the thunderstorms and the fireworks.  I love having my children home from school.  What I don't love is the dishes, extra laundry and other paraphernalia floating around my house.  Luckily I have a couple of magic wands that keep the clutter at bay.
My favorite magic wand is the 5 minute clean-up.

Here's the recipe:

Turn on some rockin' music (optional)
Call the children into one room - the messiest room in the house
Set the timer for 5 minutes
Split the room into areas or functions
Everyone moves as fast as possible and puts away whatever is out of place.
When the five minutes is up everyone returns to what they were doing.

As I am typing this three of my children are handling the kitchen...
One child is putting away dishes
One child is wiping counters
One child is putting away food
I am sitting at my computer typing and just keeping my presence in the room.

Tonight there is no rockin' music playing... but two of them are singing wildly off-key.
As I type we are at 7 minutes and my son is putting away the last of the pots he just hand-washed.
He is going the extra mile because my birthday is tomorrow. :)

The kitchen is clean.  Time to Play!

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