July 13, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Blog Party

 Yay!  It's a Blog party and Karlene Browning and friends (including me!) are giving all kinds of stuff away this week. Be sure to check out the Inksplasher blog to have fun playing games and winning prizes.  There are multiple chances to win some pretty amazing stuff. (Check out Inksplasher for all the details.)

The contest is like a scavenger hunt, and a ton of fun to play.  The answers are really easy and you will be checking out some really fun blogs in the process.  I am one of the sponsors today and I’m giving away this:
To enter to win this fabulous key rail you get to do a few really simple things.  (Think of it as a quest!)
First--Become a follower on my blog.
Second--Email your answer to question #1 and your mailing address to kbrowning59 [at] gmail [d0t]com. 
Third-- Answer question #2 in the comments on this blog.
Fourth--Comment at inksplasher and let Karlene know that you have been here.


The Gemino curse in HP makes useless copies of items and generally creates knee-deep clutter.  What are the four main causes of clutter in our world?

(Hint: Go to Tuesday's post for the answer)


Harry does some pretty scary things in all of the HP movies.  What is the hardest / scariest thing for you to organize?

Once again---

  • E-mail the answer to Part 1. Please include your name and mailing address (so we can mail your prize to you if you win.)
  •  Leave the comments on both blogs for Part 2 to be entered to win.

DEADLINE: Midnight, July 15th, 2011.


All correct answers will be entered to win the prize. Winner will be chosen using www.random.com and announced Saturday, July 16th.

Correct answers will also be entered to win the Grand Prize, to be awarded Saturday, July 16th.

Good Luck and May the Force be With You May You Vanquish Evil and Save Wizards Everywhere!


  1. My storage room is scary! It's a room of requirement! Everything's in there.

  2. Things that my kids made or did or touched or even breathed on. It is so hard for me to get rid of those things and they sort of take over my house.