May 2, 2011

Does This System Make My Butt Look Fat?

Last week I was staffing an AMAZING Women's Training at Impact Training and deserved to have some new clothes.

So, on Wednesday I got to go shopping just for me.

In the past I have hated clothes shopping.  It was something a kin to torture.  I would have to psych myself out, pep myself up, and breathe heavily a few times before I went into a clothing store.  Once inside, I would grab the first things I saw, try on one or two items and leave frustrated with my body.

Self-esteem in the toilet, and more aware of my physical "flaws" than ever before, I would cry all the way home. Sometimes swearing to NEVER shop again until I had liposuction and a tummy tuck.

This time was different.

This time I didn't blame or hate my body.  I pulled tons of options off the racks.  I noticed that there were some clothes that fit well, some that fit okay, and some that just didn't fit at all.

This time I changed my question...not, "Does my BODY fit this?" but, "Does THIS fit my body?"

Organizing is a lot like clothes shopping.  Some of the gadgets and systems will fit and some will not.  Many of my clients have blamed the organizational failures of their system on themselves and give themselves labels like "Lazy"or "Stupid"  Most of them will argue that the system or gadget works fine for                    so it should work for them. Some are so frustrated that they cry, become overwhelmed and convince themselves that they are a "Hopeless Case" It just breaks my heart.

If you are there, all is not lost.  You are not "Stupid" or "Lazy"  The question that deserves to be asked is not, "Why can't I make this work, what is wrong with ME?" but "Why isn't THIS working with me?"

The answer will always uncover a flaw in the system.

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