January 27, 2011

Superman Lives!

Ok...I had someone ask me if I practice what I teach and if I ever have "normal" stuff happen to me.  If you are doubting, here is what happened this morning...

My husband had a crown that fell off while he was brushing his teeth.
The crown went down the drain.  He turned off the water, then...
  1. Took out the toilet paper rolls stored in the plastic container under the sink.
  2. Used the container to catch the water as he opened the trap.
  3.  Fished out the crown.
  4. Disinfected it. 
  5. Put the trap back on. 
  6. Wiped out the TP container with a hand towel that was by the sink.  (Yuck!)
  7. Put the extra toilet paper back in the container.
  8. Changed out the used hand-towel with a new one.  (Thank you Love!)
  9. Checked to make sure the trap was on tightly and... 
  10. Went to call the dentist to bump up his appointment to next week.  
Under my Bathroom Sink

The whole process took about 5 minutes and he got to his meeting (the reason he was brushing his teeth to begin with) on time.

 The point of organization is not to have a model home that no one can use and everyone is afraid to touch, but to be able to handle the stuff that happens every day and not have it derail your day.

Every day we get to plan for the unexpected, because the unexpected happens every day!

I am off to do a load of laundry, We are running low on towels! :)


  1. I love that! I want to LIVE in my home, not have my home boss me around.