July 22, 2010

Perfectionist Tendencies, Anyone?

I have a confession.  I have been the proud owner of this Blog for more than a year.  


That's right, my first.  Well, that is not entirely true.  I have written a couple of times, then quickly left them in the drafts folder to marinate for a few months...because words typed on a computer could get better with time and no editing.   (psst...Doesn't happen)

Why would I have a blog for a year and never publish?  Well, a few friends asked me to start blogging. I thought it was a good idea, so I got a domain name that fits with my life and philosophy. (More about that later)  Then I sat down to write and panicked.

You see, I am what most people would call a perfectionist.  I would love my world to be perfect.  I would love it if everything in my house worked in perfect order all the time.  I would love it if my children picked up after themselves every day.  I would even love it if I understood Algebra perfectly so that I could get a perfect 4.0 (Did I mention I went back to college recently?)  I would even love it my laundry were done every day and my car was detailed to the nth degree (apparently the Algebra is starting to sink in!)

So, with my blog I did what any self-respecting perfectionist would do.  In this past year I have read blogs, thought about blogs and obsessed about what I would write on my blog.  I completely intimidated myself.  I started thinking about what my blog would be a year from now.  I started waiting for the PERFECT solution.  I waited for the PERFECT topic.  I waited for the PERFECT person to write it.  I compared what I thought my blog would be to all the blogs I was reading and always came up short.

Little tip: 
You can't compare what isn't to what is, you will ALWAYS come up short.

So why did I finally post?  I stopped waiting for perfect to happen and decided that you get me just the way I am.  Imperfections and all, because sometimes good enough is perfect.


  1. I love that you finally started writing! I'm starting to think that imperfection IS perfect.

  2. Your first post was.......perfect :) Janette