August 7, 2010

Paper Filing Tools I LOVE!

The school year is almost upon us.  Soon paper will be flowing into our houses faster than Niagra Falls.  So I thought I would make a list of my favorite filing supplies.

Dymo Labeler

Dymo Labeler - It looks cool,  has all kinds of labeling tape (even silver and gold so I can bling out my files!) and makes it so that I don't have to hand-write file labels.  This one even has a magnetic holder so I could put it on my fridge or filing cabinet.  I don't put it there...I am thinking of having it surgically attached to my hand I use it so much.

Pendaflex PileSmart Sorter

Pendaflex PileSmart Sorter- It is colorful and I can put off filing indefinitely but still find what I need.  I love the over-sized write-on tabs!

Pendaflex PileSmart Tabs

Pendaflex PileSmart Binder Clips - These keep papers together and the write on tabs remind me what I was going to do with the papers. ...Now if they will only remind me why I was going to the kitchen!

Straight-Tab Files

Straight Tab Files - I love the extra labeling room on straight tab files.  I don't have to abbreviate.  I also love not having to figure out if I need a right, left or center tab. They come in all kinds of colors too, so I don't have to look at a sea of manila or brown.

Hanging File Folder

Hanging File Folders - These keep my files from flopping around in my filing cabinet.  I love the ones with inside pockets so that small pieces of paper and receipts don't get lost.  Box bottom files are great for larger files.

 Post-It Removable Tabs.  They are made of a thicker plastic and are repositionable.  I use them in my files to separate out categories within the file folder.

Year Labels

Smead Year Labels  I could write the year on all my files, but I like the way these look instead.  Each year has a different color and the font size is fabulous.  I was able to pick some up at a clearance rack for 50 cents.

Knock-Knock and Vanity File Folders 
I just love the look of funny file folders.  Knock-Knock has some of the funniest organizational tool around!
These file folders are for the files that stay in the mail center out where I can look and laugh at them every day.  They are more sturdy than the files in the file-cabinet and some even have erasable tabs.  The ones in my mail center have black and white pictures of places I would like to visit.  

Happy Filing! 


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  1. GREAT POST! I love how open it feels and all the photos.

    How did you put the tabs at the bottom of your post with all the links you put in it?